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Mørkeland - English subtitles


We are showing the Danish 'Mørkeland' (English title: "Kingmaker") with English subtitles at this special "expat"-showing.

18:00 - Refreshments and snacks. Meet and network with the other internationals in Ballerup before the movie

19:00 - The movie starts.

About the movie
After a round of layoffs Ulrik Torp (Anders W. Berthelsen) is sent back to his old job at 'Dagbladet', but now as an intern as part of a reinstatement program. His old colleague, Henrik Moll (Nicolas Bro), who since then has become editor-in-chief, asks Torp to cover the murder of a young clerk from the Ministry of the Interior. Slowly but surely the case leads Torp into the web of a political conspiracy that threatens the very foundation of our society. But the only ones who believe him, are the newspaper's young interns, Emma (Mathilde Arcel) and Simon (Patrick A. Hansen).

"Kingmaker" is an adaptation of Niels Krause-Kjærs' second novel about the journalist Ulrik Torp, the sequel to the mega hit, "King's Game" that was adapted in 2004 and seen by almost 600.000 in the cinemas. But Kingmaker is only a sequel for the audience that wishes to see it that way. It can be seen as a standalone story which offers an intense genre based look at the status of democracy in the year 2023/24.